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Anchors of Insight

God often calls us to venture into the mountain. What does it look like to accept that journey with Christ?

A look at the ins and outs of rock-climbing.

When attempting a climb, you begin by connecting to your belayer. To assure you are properly secured to each other the climber will say ON BELAY and the belayer will respond BELAY ON. Your belayer’s job is to keep you safe as you climb so that when you fall you are suspended in air rather than the other obvious outcome. Other than the job of protecting you when you fall, their job is also to tighten the rope if you need rest, which allows you to sit back and study the rock while getting some rest from clinging to the rock. They also provide a boost in strength when the next hold seems too far away and you have lost the energy to reach it.

Does that sound familiar?

This is the role of Jesus in a believer's life.

We are always ON BELAY!

Now that you know you are secured to your belayer you must be secured to the rock as well. In order to achieve this the rope that is attached to you and your belayer must now be anchored to the rock. The anchors have already been drilled into the rock way before you decided to climb the mountain. These anchors are spread apart, meaning that when you clip in you are safe but you must climb above that anchor to get to next and sometimes that can feel a little iffy. Good news is that you are safe because of the anchor that has been secured below.

God uses moments of insight as anchors during our journeys in the mountain. He secures you to the rock so that when you climb into the unknown you are certain you are still safe on the right path.

Always keep an eye out for your anchors as you make your way through the steeps of the rock.

During your many journeys up the mountain never forget the role of the Lord.

He is your security, your guide, and your rest and when you need reassurance just say ON BELAY and He will always respond BELAY ON!

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